American Honda Motor - Sold me an Si with a defective engine

Saint Louis, Missouri 0 comments

I bought a 2012 Civic Si in May 2012.By the time I took it in for its first oil change it had burned 2 quarts of oil.

I discovered a service bulletin that Bommarito Honda of St. Louis failed to tell me about, I did not get the oil changed at that time because they were too busy. Honda wants to tear down my entire engine and replace the pistons and rings according to the bulletin. After filing a complaint with American Honda the result is that that is all they will do instead of a factory new engine that I requested.

They did offer an extended warranty but it is not transferable. I no longer want this car. My first and last Honda purchase was a total LEMON. I will have a new car with a rebuilt engine that is only 50% factory assembled after the dealer is done with it.

Bommarito Honda of St.Louis stated that they have never performed this repair on a 2012 Si.

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American Honda Motor - Honda Civic fog lights - dont bother!

Allison Park, Pennsylvania 1 comment
Not resolved

After 60 miles on my 2008 Civic I have replaced both sets of FOG LIGHTS, TWICE.At $350 each time.

The lenses are made of glass instead of plastic, they crack and last about 6 months. Dealer says it may be the way I drive.... I drive on the road, almost always in contact with the surface. Honda's designers put the fogs a foot off the road, and I have an expectation of them working in that position.

DON'T WASTE your money on FOG LIGHTS for the Civic. And don't expect Honda to offer a fix. I AM NOT ALONE.

Its a money maker.SAD.

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Buy KIA 8) 8) 8)

American Honda Motor - Defective door locks

Little Rock, Arkansas 0 comments
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2007 honda cr-v .First one door lock started going into electronic spasms when you attempt to unlock or lock the vehicle.This would also start doing this when you reach 10mph when excelerating or decelerating.Then another door started doing the same thing.Now the tail gate lock won't let me open the tail gate.I have to climb into the back of the vehicle and manually activate the mechanizm by hand threw the little access hole for apparently that reason.Called honda customer complaint.They don't know anything about this problem and I will have to fix the problem at my expense. This is obviously defective locks installed on the assembly line.

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American Honda Motor - Honda Accord Road Noise

Albuquerque, New Mexico 0 comments
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I own a 2008 Honda Accord.Around town the road noise inside the vehicle is annoying; however, I recently took a long trip, over 4000 miles round trip and the road noise at high speed is really bad.

Some of the roads on Interstate 10 especially in Texas and Louisiana are like washboards and my wife and I were not able to conduct a normal conversation in the car. I really like the Honda, but if they do not address the interior road noise I will not purchase another one.

I understand that the Toyota Camry has solved the road noise problem.If they can do it, Honda should be able to as well.

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American Honda Motor - Honda Accord transmission failure

Park Rapids, Minnesota 3 comments
Not resolved

2001 Accord EX V6 with 146k miles transmission failed suddenly in Nov 2011.Local Honda Dealer wanted $4500 for rebuild.

I got it done at Kennedy Transmission for $2800 with 2 year or 24k mile warranty. I will trade this car before warranty expires because the chances are problem will come back again as we all know. I took really good care of my car and had the trans. services several times by Honda.

I will never buy another Honda. Maybe Toyota or an American truck. Honda should make a fix for this that will REALLY fix the problem.

I loved everything else about the car except the road noise.Too bad they allowed this to happen to an otherwise excellent car.

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While mileage is certainly a factor, transmissions on Accords especially the V6's were a problem after 98.Whether they put the same trans and parts from the 4 cyl.

cars into the V6, I can't say that was the cause.My car had 94000 miles and the trans started to go.


150k is nothing for a Toy or Honda-After 98 the Honda Trans ,especially the Accords 98-03 are all flawed.This is fact not loudmouthed opinions.

02 on were re-called.Honda lost many loyal customers.


You pathetic dumb@ss.You do realize that you had 146K miles on your car.

Eventually your transmission is going to need to be replaced.

They don't last forever.Get a clue about cars and educate yourself before you file a complaint making you look like the complete f**king fool that

American Honda Motor - Honda Civic 2007

Binghamton, New York 1 comment
Not resolved

Both sun visors broke (never happened in my 1997 Civic or 2000 Accord)...COST $70 a piece.

Wind shield wipers broke (wouldn't park in home position, wouldn't shut off) COST $100 for a "update", which means not a recall but it was a bad part. When running the heater, the Center console heats up to the point it will keep my coffee as hot as it is fresh, can't keep my cell phone there b/c it sets off the temperature warning of my phone (I think this is what damaged the windshield wiper component because it is above the and behind the heater). Trunk lock cannot be opened with a key (happened before in my Accord). On a funny note, my map lights do not work because a hamster got loose in my car and chewed them.

He was in there for 11 days. Apparently, there's an opening somewhere on the floor that leads to the frame of the windsheild allowing access to the internal ceiling of my car for little critters to have a great time in. After 10 days of having the hamster in there using live traps, I used a glue board and caught him overnight. I still have hamster food that rattles around in the ceiling of my car with every turn I make.

So, my point...never bring the hamster home in the cardboard box, buy the metal travel cage!!!

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You let a hamster get loose in your car for 11 days. What did you think was going to happen you genius?

American Honda Motor - Honda CRV

Tacoma, Washington 2 comments
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Beware Honda CRV's AC Compressors are poorly designed.

My daughter purchased a brand new 07 Honda CRV on my recommendation, much to my chagrin.Recently, her AC compressor failed on this vehicle and Honda acts as if it is normal for AC compressors to fail after 4 years on a low mileage vehicle that is based in Western Washington.

Hinshaw Honda quoted her a price well over $3,600 to correct the problem. I have also learned this may not correct the problem , because the entire system is so poorly designed. I also notice that my 07 CRV AC would never totally cool the vehicle while we were vacationing in AZ. The following year we sold our CRV and unfortunately we purchased a 2011 CRV.

If events go according to Honda's design plan our 2011 AC unit will fail by 2015. Thanks for the heads-up, I will get rid of this vehicle around the 50,000 mile mark. This is one headache I will definitely work to avoid. I have advised my daughter to dump her CRV as soon as possible.

Honda will never get my business again.

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AC SYSTEM faulty.. Honda SHOULD FIX BY A RECALL. Look at AC Honda CRV on Google do your homework people.


Yes I had my whole AC system go.. 2010 and it was very costly and I did my homework online. AND i new from then that this should be a RECALL ny HONDA

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